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COMS W4180: Network Security

Introduction to network security concepts and mechanisms. Foundations of network security and an in-depth review of commonly-used security mechanisms and techniques, security threats and network-based attacks, applications of cryptography, authentication, access control, intrusion detection and response, security protocols (IPsec, SSL, Kerberos), denial of service, viruses and worms, software vulnerabilities, web security, wireless security, and privacy.


COMS W4187: Security Architecture and Engineering

Secure programming. Cryptograhic engineering and key handling. Access controls. Tradeoffs in security design. Design for security.


COMS E4995-3: Special Topics In Computer Science, Voip Security

Special topics arranged as the need and availability arises. Topics are usually offered on a one-time basis. Since the content of this course changes each time it is offered, it may be repeated for credit. Consult the department for section assignment


COMS E6184: Anonymity & Privacy

Legal and social framework for privacy. Data mining and databases. Anonymous commerce and internet usage. Traffic analysis. Policy and national security considerations. Classes are seminars with students presenting papers and discussing them. Seminar focus changes frequently to remain timely.


COMS E6185-1: Intrusion Detection Systems

The state of threats against computers, and networked systems. An overview of computer security solutions and why they fail. Provides a detailed treatment for Network and Host-based Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention systems. Considerable depth is provided on anomaly detection systems to detect new attacks. Covers issues and problems in email (spam, and viruses) and insider attacks (masquerading and impersonation).