Research Labs

Network Security

The Network Security Lab (NSL) at Columbia University's Computer Science Department is dedicated to performing cutting-edge research in critical areas of network and systems security. This research includes new methods for efficient encryption, system and network reliability, autonomic security, reactive security systems, automated patching, host-based intrusion prevention, applications of peer-to-peer networks, security and availability policy, and network intrusion detection and anomaly analysis.

Intrusion Detection Systems Laboratory

The Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) group at Columbia University aims to build next-generation tools to detect stealthy and malicious intruders in computer systems. This includes research into anomaly detection, collaborative intrusion detection, attacker modeling, malicious code, and secure wireless networks. Headed by Professor Salvatore J. Stolfo, IDS includes 6 PhD students and a number of masters and undergraduate students. Several IDS technologies from our lab have been successfully commercialized and deployed in protecting network infrastructure.

Cryptography Laboratory

Network Computing Laboratory

The Network Computing Laboratory (NCL) pursues research in experimental software systems to make personalized computing ubiquitously available, anytime and anywhere. Our research areas include operating systems, system resource management, interactive web and multimedia systems, utility computing, thin-client computing, mobility, and performance evaluation.

Distributed Network Analysis Research Group

The Distributed Network Analysis Research Group comprises of faculty and students from both the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Electrical Engineering at Columbia. Our group's facilities reside in both the COMET Lab in EE and the SOS Lab in CS. The current research emphasis is the design and analytical evaluation of techniques used to ensure that emerging network systems are secure and robust to a variety of anomalous (extreme) network conditions.

Internet Real-Time Laboratory

The Internet Real-Time Lab (IRT) in the Computer Science Department at Columbia University conducts research in the areas of Internet and multimedia services: Internet telephony, wireless and mobile networks, streaming, quality of service, resource reservation, dynamic pricing for the Internet, network measurement and reliability, service location, network security, media on demand, content distribution networks, multicast networks and ubiquitous and context-aware computing and communication.