Network Security Laboratory

  • Network Security and Survivability
  • Software and System Assurance
  • Operating Systems
  • Access Control and Security Management

Intrusion Detection Systems Group

  • SPARSE: Malcode-Bearing Document Detection
  • STAND: Sanitization Tool for ANomaly Detection
  • BARTER: Behavior-Based Access Control
  • Polymorphic Malcode Analysis

Network Computing Laboratory

  • SRCS: Secure Remote Computing Services
  • THINC: THin-client InterNet Computing
  • Zap: Checkpoint-Restart and Migration Using Operating System Virtualization
  • BPC: Computing Research for NYC High School Students
  • MobiDesk: A Hosted Desktop Computing Utility
  • SlowMotion Benchmarking: Measuring Thin-Client Performance
  • MOVE: Mobility with Persistent Network Connections
  • ksniffer: Measuring Client Perceived Response Time
  • GR3: O(1) Proportional Share Resource Management
  • SWAP: Automatic Dependency Detection and Scheduling
  • SMART: Scheduling for Multimedia And Real-Time
  • FiST: Stackable File Systems

Distributed Network Analysis Research Group

  • Network resilience and security
  • Servers and scheduling
  • Robustness issues in 802.11 wireless networks

Internet Real-Time Laboratory

  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  • Application and Desktop Sharing
  • 7DS - Information exchange in disconnected networks
  • VoIP for wireless networks
  • Emergency services -- NG911
  • GloServ: global service discovery architecture
  • QoS measurement for VoIP
  • Peer-to-peer IP telephony
  • Training FAA using SIP and RTP